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China – The Shifting of Tectonic Plates

Camille Hurn

6 November 2015

I have hazy memories from my childhood of the final death throes of the British Empire – the Malayan Emergency, Mau Mau Uprising, Cyprus, Aden, and Rhodesia – but the writing had been on the wall before I was born.

The Three Dees – Eve of Destruction

Camille Hurn

26 October 2015

The latest single from global sensation The Three Dees – father and sons trio Debt, Deflation& Devaluation – is a cover of ‘Eve of Destruction’, a #1 hit in the sixties for Barry McGuire.

More thoughts on the Challenge of tackling Climate Change

Roger Wisdom

16 November 2013

I have already written about the vital importance of communicating about the Challenge we all face if disastrous Climate Change is to be avoided.

Climate Change and the “Man in the Street”: A Communication Challenge

Roger Wisdom

12 October 2013

It’s accepted by all experts that the earth is warmer than it was before mankind started to have an impact with industrialisation.

A Golden Economic Opportunity

Sharmila Sharma

7 August 2013

According to the United Nations, on 1 July 2010, Southeast Asia had a population of 597.0 million people with a median age of 27. About 17% of the region’s population or 101.7 million people were over the age of 50.

Southeast Asia's State of Social Protection

Sharmila Sharma

18 July 2013

I recently came across two reports that I think worth mentioning. The first is the Social Protection Index (SPI) report released by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in June 2013 and the other, the People’s Business report released by Social Enterprise UK in July 2013.

Remembering the late Professor C.K. Prahalad

Sharmila Sharma

16 April 2013

This 16 April 2013 will be the third anniversary of the passing away of the late Professor C.K. Prahalad. He hailed from Tamil Nadu, India and was a distinguished professor at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business in the University of Michigan, United States.

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